New Dapr slide deck for your presentations

A new Dapr slide deck is available that you can use for your Dapr presentations!

Slide deck overview

The deck contains new icons for all the Dapr APIs and built-in features, such as security, resiliency, and observability. The presentation style matches the recently redesigned website. The slide deck consists of over 140 slides that can be used as a starting point for your presentation. Remove or hide what is not necessary for your audience, and add new slides to add relevance to your story.

Here are some slides from the deck:

From Development to Hosting


Using the Dapr APIs

Workflow example

Follow the instructions on the first 3 slides to get started on building new slides and diagrams. The last 20 slides in the deck contain visual assets you can use.

Visual assets

Like the Dapr diagram slide deck, the Dapr presentation slide deck (PowerPoint format) is open source, so contributions are welcome!