Dapr v1.5 is now available

We are excited to announce the release of Dapr v1.5!

This is the fifth minor version update since the announcement of Dapr v1.0.

Release highlights

If you’re new to Dapr, familiarize yourself by visiting the getting started page.

Components upgraded to Stable

The Dapr Steering and Technical Committee (STC) voted to change the components certification criteria and rename components from GA to Stable.

The following components are now upgraded to Stable indicating that they are suitable for use in production scenarios:

In addition, multiple fixes have been made to other components including RabbitMQ pub/sub, MySQL state store, and PostgreSQL state store.

For more information see the Dapr components reference.

Query API for state management

The state management building block API now includes a query API, currently in Alpha state. This API provides a way of querying the key/value data stored in state store components. It is not a replacement for a complete query language, and is focused on retrieving, filtering and sorting key/value data that you have saved through the state store APIs.

Even though the state store is a key/value store, the value might be a JSON document with its own hierarchy, keys, and values. This query API allows you to use those keys and values to retrieve corresponding documents.

For more information read the state management query API docs.

Configuration API building block

Configuration is a new building block API introduced in this release and is currently in Alpha state. Consuming application configuration is a common task when writing applications and frequently configuration stores are used to manage this configuration data. A configuration item is often dynamic in nature and is tightly coupled to the needs of the application that consumes it. The Configuration API provides an abstraction over different stores and exposes key/value data and importantly with the ability to subscribe to configuration item update notfications.

In this initial release this API can only be used over gRPC. HTTP will be made available before the final stable release (for example, \v1.0\configuration\myconfigstore).

For more information read the configuration overview.

Actors in the Go SDK

Virtual actors are now available in the Dapr Go SDK. See go-sdk/21 for details.

For a Dapr actor example using the Go SDK, see go-sdk/examples/actor.

Actors reliability improvement

Enhancements to the actor runtime were released to improve reliability. See dapr/1914 and dapr/3533 for details.

Support for ARM64 Macs (Preview)

Dapr CLI, sidecar and Dashboard are now natively compiled for ARM64 Macs. Also, Dapr CLI installation via Homebrew was fixed. See the Dapr CLI installation instructions for details.

New components

New components added to this release include:

Release notes

See a detailed description of changes, fixes and new features in the Dapr v1.5 release notes.

This release contains no breaking changes.

Supported releases

Dapr supports two (2) prior versions from the current release.

This means that there is a rolling window that moves forward for supported releases and it is your operational responsibility to remain up to date with these supported versions. If you have an older version of Dapr you may have to do intermediate upgrades to get to a supported version.

Since this release marks v1.5.0, the two prior supported versions are v1.3.0 and v1.4.0.

Please visit the Dapr Documentation for more information on supported releases.

Installing and upgrading to Dapr v1.5

To get started with Dapr v1.5, please see the getting started guide.

For a complete guide to installing Dapr on Kubernetes, please see how to deploy Dapr on a Kubernetes cluster.

To upgrade to this release of Dapr, follow the applicable links below:


Thanks to everyone who made this release possible!

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We hope you try out this new release and raise issues on GitHub as well as reach out to us to ask questions on Discord or via Twitter. We also encourage you to attend our recurring Dapr community calls to see demos and discuss new feature proposals with the rest of the Dapr community!