Announcing Dapr's Steering and Technical Committee

Today we are happy to announce the formation of the Dapr project’s Steering and Technical Committee (STC).

Dapr first transitioned into an open governance model in September 2020, and since then has been operating with an interim Steering Committee focused on working with the broader Dapr community to formulate the charter, responsibilities and vision of the Steering and Technical Committee and bootstrap it with members of different companies to ensure vendor neutrality.

The STC seats the following members:

  Member Organization Profile Term Start Term End
Yaron Schneider Microsoft @yaron2 Bootstrap Nov 30th 2023
Mark Fussell Microsoft @msfussell Bootstrap Nov 30th 2023
Ian Luo Alibaba @beiwei30 Bootstrap Nov 30th 2023
Victory Cao Alibaba @cvictory Bootstrap Nov 30th 2023
Forrest Zhao Intel @forrest-zhao Bootstrap Nov 30th 2023

The STC both steers the overall direction and vision of the project as well provides technical guidance to the project’s maintainers. Since this model encompasses these two aspects, the name Steering and Technical Committee was chosen to best represent the committee’s function.

The STC will begin holding meetings in the next month which will be open to the public.

We are excited to see the project operating under diverse leadership, and the door is open to anyone who would like to contribute to and influence the Dapr project.