Thanks for a great first DaprCon!

It’s a wrap! The first ever DaprCon had concluded yesterday and what an event it has been!

The first day was kicked off with a keynote that gave us a bit of insight into Dapr’s history, a peek into where it is going and some perspectives from key figures at Microsoft, Alibaba Cloud and Intel. We then got a to see how to go “from zero to hero” with Dapr, met some of the Dapr maintainers and learned about Man Group’s journey to adopt Dapr. We also got useful guidance on how to run Dapr in production and learned from the firsthand experience of enterprise adopters (Zeiss, Bosch, Ignition Group and Man Group) who have built real-world solutions with Dapr. Finally, the day concluded with another case study of Dapr adoption by Legentic.

On the second day, it was time to get our hands dirty and learn Dapr by coding through a set of assignments in a Dapr workshop! Available in C#, Python and Java these assignments were shown on the stream while DaprCon attendees were invited to try it on their own dev boxes with support and guidance provided through workshop specific channels in Discord.

Throughout both days it was great to see the Dapr community come together and engage over the live stream chat and on Discord with great questions and discussions. It was also great to see some new community members join us, discovering Dapr for the first time. To all of you we say - Welcome to the Dapr community!

On-demand recordings

If you weren’t able to live stream DaprCon, you can still catch up with all the great content on the Dapr YouTube channel :

Day 1

The full day is available for playback as a single recording. Additionally, you can explore the specific individual sessions:

Each of these sessions has a dedicated Discord channel on the Dapr Discord server and you are welcome to continue and engage with the speakers, panelists, and the rest of the community around everything that was covered!

Day 2 workshop

The full day recording of the workshop is available for on-demand viewing.

You can still take the workshop in your own time! The Dapr Discord server has a dedicated channel for each of the coding languages available to try out and you can still use these to ask questions and share your experience.

Until next time!

We want to thank all of the presenters and panelists who took part in DaprCon as well as all of those hard at work behind the scenes and of course to everyone who tuned-in, asked questions and helped us make this event a great success - Thank you and see you all on the next DaprCon!