Dapr v1.1.0 is now available

We are excited to announce the release of Dapr v1.1.0!

This is the first minor version update since the announcement of Dapr v1.0.

Release highlights

These are some highlights for this release:

  • Defining Dapr sidecar environment variables 2508. See the addition of the in the Kubernetes annotation documentation
  • Etag is required for actors in future added state stores 2890. See documentation
  • Dapr API Token is not included in telemetry traces anymore 2974
  • Local Storage Binding 752. See documentation
  • Added conformance tests for various pubsub components (Pulsar, MQTT, Hazelcast, RabbitMQ)
  • .NET Apps can now have unit tests for Actor Timers and Reminder functionality 575
  • .NET SDK support for hierarchical nesting configuration 615
  • Preview feature for sidecar injection in Kubernetes Job with new shutdown API to stop sidecar from app 2689. See documentation

Release notes

See a detailed description of changes, fixes and new features in the Dapr v1.1.0 release notes.

This release introduces no breaking changes.

Installing and upgrading to Dapr v1.1.0

To get started with Dapr v1.1.0 please see the getting started guide.

If you are using an older version of Dapr and would like to upgrade to the new release, please review the supported versions and upgrade path in the support section of the docs. Guidance is provided to upgrade Dapr in self hosted mode and for Kubernetes deployments.


Thanks to everyone who made this release possible!

@1046102779, @Betula-L, @Hugome, @PeterGerrard, @SamuelMcAravey, @Taction, @artursouza, @dinggh, @halspang, @hnlq715, @jigargandhi, @ksivamuthu, @liamgib, @luckyxiaoqiang, @lynn-orrell, @moonchanyong, @mukundansundar, @orizohar, @pkedy, @puzpuzpuz, @rynowak, @springe2004, @tcnghia, @trondhindenes, @wcs1only, @withinboredom, @yaron2


We hope you try out this new release and raise issues on GitHub as well as reach out to us to ask questions on Discord or via Twitter. We also encourage you to attend our recurring Dapr community calls to see demos and discuss new feature proposals with the rest of the Dapr community!